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In this post, I'm going to show you how to install mpsyt on a Debian machine. I haven't been this happy about an app in a long time. I spend a lot of time listening to mixes on youtube, and have always been bothered by how much CPU and RAM Firefox requires to do so. With this tool I can easily search and listen to audio from youtube while using very little RAM and CPU cycles.


mpsyt has a few dependencies it uses to make things work. We start by installing our debian packages these are pip3 and mplayer. pip3 being the python3 package manager, and mplayer being a comandline audio playback tool.

sudo apt install python3-pip mplayer

Once we have pip3 installed we use it to install mps and youtube-dl. youtube-dl has gone through a lot of changes since the release of Buster. pip3 will have the most up to date package.

pip3 install mps-youtube youtube-dl

Then open up mpsyt in the terminal. You can enter a search by starting the query with '/'.

/com truise fairlight

You can choose which of the results you want by entering in a number into the prompt.

Then you have it, a youtube audio streamer in the terminal that doesn't use up all of your computer's resources.

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